July 24, 2007

A New Life

I was over at Sticks' place and read where her son has left for Parris Island. And not just her son, but her nephew too! Wow. As inadequate as that is, it's all I can think to say. Wow. And Thank You.

And she points us to a site that helps the families of these new recruits attend the graduation ceremony to mark the beginning of their lives as Marines. And from all I've seen and all I've heard it is a new life. As we all know, there is no such thing as an Ex-Marine!!

So head on over to Sticks. Leave a note thanking her and her family for their bravery and commitment. Then check out the Marine Graduation Foundation. We're asking a lot of these young men and women AND their families. The least we can do is help them to make that important moment in their lives all it can be!!! (and yes, I know that's the wrong "phrase", but it's pretty damned appropriate in this case!)

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Thank you Tammi. These are truly special young men who have decided that this is what they are meant to be. Your thanks, appreciation and link mean a lot. Thank you again.

Posted by: sticks at July 24, 2007 05:18 PM
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