July 20, 2007

NOT a Nice Boy

Domestic Abuse? Bad.

Really Bad.

I think I've made my feelings about that known over the years.

But the quickest way to piss me off is to celebrate an abuser.

Don't care what you do professionally. It's the quality of the person that matters.

For example, I'm a Buc's fan. Big time. Michael Pittman is a Running Back with the team. A pretty good one, as a matter of fact. However, he is NOT a nice boy. Nope. Seems he's got a history of abusin' his wife. In fact he was suspended back in 2004. I am not a fan. Period.

Anyway.....don't get me started on that.

What triggered this whole thing was a post I saw at Florida Cracker where the Mayor of St. Louis (how ironic) refused to Name September 2 as Ike Turner Day.

Huh. Well good for him.

Like I said, I'm all about work is work. But I'm not gonna celebrate someone who's an asshole.


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