July 07, 2007

Good Time!

Well tonite we had us a celebration within a blogmeet.

Tonite we Roasted That 1 Guy for his 40th birthday (which is Monday btw)

It was a blast.

We'll have recaps up soon, and you can bet your ass there were pictures taken. But we can't post those until we get the release from the ASPCA. It's kinda complicated.....

But I just wanted to let you all know, real quick like, that Og Fest is going GREAT and tonite was fantastic.

A special thanks to Og, Zonker, Ktreva, TNT, Oddy and Leslie for all their help. Oh and Richmond - who wasn't able to be here, but who supplied the "party hats" and drinks!

Thanks Y'all!! What would I have done without you?!??!

Posted by Tammi at July 7, 2007 10:45 PM | TrackBack

I have seen a "Party hat" picture - looks like you were all having a GREAT time! I am sorry I missed it...

Happy Birthday to Joe!

Posted by: Richmond at July 8, 2007 12:46 PM
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