May 31, 2007

I Love.....

I got the keys to Paradise yesterday.

Boxes begin relocating today. Clothes? This afternoon.

My goal? To have everything but the furniture and computer moved by June 15th. There is NO reason I can't hit that.

Oh - and the town garage sale is this weekend. Like Richmond, I'm going to try and A) save myself the work of moving EVERYTHING and B) convert some of this stuff to "green". But I'm pretty lucky there, since the Land Lady is letting me put my stuff in with her's.....

But I went over yesterday and wandered around. Ohhhh there's so much space. It FEELS like a mansion after the last 3 places I've lived. There's hallways. I love hallways. A house is not a home without hallways.

And it's got BIG windows. That let the sun in. And there are actual screens on those windows. Where you can draw in a breeze. Ahhhh I love a good breeze.

Did I mention the second kitchen? Yeah, I think we all know how I feel about THAT.

So - today is conference calls and moving boxes. The paperwork still hasn't come for me to pee in a cup, so I have to leave my schedule loose for that. And driving the short distance between The Belfry and Paradise to start unpacking. Unpacking in the air conditioning. Unpacking things into REAL closets. That are in actual hallways. In a home with windows.

It seems like forever since I've been in a real home. It's been a long time coming.....

No. I'm not excited. Why do you ask?

Posted by Tammi at May 31, 2007 08:02 AM | TrackBack

Awesome!! And I'm with you in spirit - hang in there!

Posted by: Richmond at May 31, 2007 08:09 AM

Congratulations I know you'll love it.

Posted by: Teresa at May 31, 2007 08:14 AM

Need help moving?

Posted by: Harvey at May 31, 2007 09:50 AM

Wish we were closer to give you a hand. But in spirit we'll be there with the dolly and the truck to help haul and move items from point A to point B. Stacking boxes where indicated and then getting the heck out of Dodge, because WE know how YOU feel about other people putting YOUR stuff away or heaven forbid, in the wrong place! Not going to go there. ;)

On the other hand, maybe its a good thing to be this far south...your arms are long, but they're not THAT long. *Running away laughing*

Posted by: Lee Ann at June 1, 2007 07:37 AM
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