May 23, 2007

Mind Warp

I dropped off the application for the Sweet House last night. They say I'll know this week yet. At least the wait won't be for long. I've got so much on my mind right now, I don't think I have room for that worry.

I leave for Columbus MO on Tuesday. Don't know for how long, probably the week. I'm actually really glad. It's starting to get HOT here, and The Belfry is like a mini oven. It'll be nice to sleep in a cool motel room for a while.

Did I mention the Sweet House (aka Paradise) has central air? Yeah, nice.....

I've been really focused at work, getting projects wrapped up, straightening out issues. Someone made the mistake of sayin' "Oh, that's right. You're leaving. You don't care." I put that thought to bed immediately. Right Now I'm still being paid to care. I am a manager, and peoples paychecks depend on decisions I make. And I'm not going to screw anyone over.

But, that being said.....I hit the wall yesterday. Focus? Yeah, not so much. So tired. It was a long day. Today I'm setting a new program for a customer, so that should help. It's a very physical activity, hands on, so it'll get me out of my office and with a group of people. But damn - can't help thinking about next week already.

Did I mention it's really getting warm? Yeah, it is. It's only 6:00am and I already need another shower. Oh I hope it's good news about the house. And the best thing about that place? Yeah, it's not going on the market any time soon. What's that mean to me? I can stay put. For a long while. I can settle in. AND - it's cool there! With a backyard. And trees. And TWO kitchens.

You may have noticed I'm having some trouble keeping on track here. Yeah, welcome to the hell that is my mind this week.

If I could have just one thought. And be able to follow it all the way through, I would be happy. Ok, maybe not HAPPY, but at least I'd know I'm not crazy (er)!!!

Posted by Tammi at May 23, 2007 06:00 AM | TrackBack

Just let me know when the move is.

Posted by: Contagion at May 23, 2007 07:16 AM

Us, too. The Exploder can hold alot.

And how long is Thoughtless Remark Person going to be in the hospital?

Posted by: Raging Mom at May 23, 2007 07:59 AM
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