April 23, 2007


In, out, in, out....deep breaths.

Focus. It's all about the focus.

Monday. Damn it all.

And you know it's gonna be a PITA - oh, I'm sorry, and Opportunity for growth - yeah, whatever. It's gonna be a PITA when the bags under your eyes are so big they actually HURT.

Yeah, sleep was NOT my friend last night.

Oh well, you can't win 'em all.

It was a nice weekend. Now, it's time to gird up and get 'er done.

But I sure could use another week or so of cookin' and chillin'........

BTW - ladies? Yeah, if you're feelin' a bit blue - do NOT watch The Lake House. Period. I don't care if it has a happy ending or not. Stupid, fantasy, completely unbelievable. NOT a movie for a pensive mood. Not. At. All. I watched it twice this weekend, and cried both times. Dumb movie....(Damnit, now I gotta buy it)

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