February 28, 2007


Well damnit - I'm still having issues with my ear. Can't hear a thing on the left side. Oh, the pain is pretty well gone, but still.......

Hell, it's so bad right now, if I'm laying on my right side I can't hear the phone on the table right next to the bed if it rings.

Anyway - I'm in my office on the phone with one of my co-workers trying to work through an issue. I get a tad bit aggitated, as I don't understand WHY it's still an issue.

Now, I naturally talk rather loud. Hell, I was a performer and a public speaker for years. It's just the way I talk. Add in that my voice always gets a bit louder the more frustrated I get........

So you can only imagine my embarrassment when my BOSS comes to my office and asks me to keep it down.

I guess I was sorta kinda yelling.

And I'd been doing it all day.

I don't know why the folks sitting around me didn't tell me earlier. I've made a point of tellin' people that I'm having trouble hearing and to PLEASE let me know if I bother them.

But instead of saying anything, or even sending a little email if they didn't want the face to face, they send the boss.

It's not like I make a habit of growling at my co-workers. Or flyin' off the handle for no reason.

I hate it when I find out folks are intimidated by me.

Posted by Tammi at February 28, 2007 05:59 AM | TrackBack

i'd like to leave you an encouraging comment but i'm afraid you'll bite my head off, towergirl, i mean, megaphone mouth.

hee hee!

(and i beat Quality Weenie. is this my lucky day, or what?)

Posted by: shoe at February 28, 2007 11:31 AM
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