June 30, 2006

Why is that?

Ahhh Friday.

Friday of a holiday weekend to boot. ;-)

I left the house at EXACTLY the time I have targeted. Got to I90 and just groaned. The traffic. Holy Shit.

Not going towards Chicago. Going towards Wisconsin. At 6:10am the line of cars heading north was amazing. And not moving. Damn. It's gonna take 4 hours to get home tonite.

Oh well. I deal with that tonite.

I get on I90 goin' east and set the cruise. Nice. 73mph. Sippin' coffee, smokin' a few cigarettes, talkin'. It's a good way to start the day.

I hit the Elgin toll booth and brace myself. (Oh, and no - I didn't literally HIT the toll booth!) This is where, each morning, things get a bit hairy.

Traditionally the stop and go starts at Schaumburg, just past that Elgin booth I mentioned. Most mornings at that stage of the drive I figure I have another hour in the car.

Today? I'm still on cruise at 73mph!! WooHoo.

But here's the catch. I had more "near misses" this morning than any other day so far. I think all that "open space" spurred folks on to bein' idiots! Holy Shit. LW thought I was expressive during my drive last night - I'da done him proud with the cursin' this morning......

Given all that I was over 30 minutes early today. That's a good thing. Except....I don't have a single thing to do. Nothing. Nada. Blank.

Isn't it ironic - I gotta be here? Jockey and bully. It don't matter? Clear sailin'.

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