June 05, 2006

I Forgot

Holy Crap is it humid! I forgot about how incredibly humid it is here in the mornings. Geez.

AND - I can't take the heat like I used to. I only made it about 45 minutes sitting out catchin' rays yesterday afternoon. But then again, I was in the backyard. No water. No breeze. But still - I used to be the Sun Goddess. Huh. Just kinda caught me off guard.

I will say I'm enjoyin' the break. Very much. Last night we had a wonderful dinner and I didn't do a damned thing. Nada. Oh - that won't be there norm. I'm not here to be waited on hand and foot. But it was kinda nice to be pampered a bit.

And the lack of stress is pretty nice too. No real worries at this point. And I know they're comin'. I start the new job the day after I get back. AND I just heard I may have a place to live. The price is perfect for getting back on my feet. The only issue I have is I seriously don't think I'm up to movin' stuff again. I just wish this would have been known when we were movin' last week. Oh well-that's just my luck it seems.

Over all - it's a week of family and friends. I cannot wait to get together with LeeAnn and her hubby. Long time comin'. And Friday night is Blender Night!! I'm being treated to an evening at the hairdresser's, who also happens to be a very good friend - and she has no idea it's me. THAT will be a great time.

It's good. It's all good. Now - I gotta get out in the sun. Don't want to waste any rays when my time is so limited!!

Y'all have a good Monday!!

Posted by Tammi at June 5, 2006 07:58 AM | TrackBack

Well, it's safe to say then that even if your hair dresser doesn't know yet, ... she will by the time of your appointment. We know how swell of a job you do at keepin' secrets... ;)

Posted by: RedNeck at June 6, 2006 07:23 AM

Amen, 'Neck!

Posted by: T1G at June 6, 2006 09:05 AM

Damn you two!!

The phone just rang and it was my hairdresser. She recognized my flippin' voice.

Y'all cursed me!!!!!!

It wasn't my fault, I swear!!!

Posted by: Tammi at June 6, 2006 10:35 AM

Give LeeAnn & Dogger hugs for me :-)

Posted by: Harvey at June 7, 2006 08:14 AM
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