May 30, 2006

Happy LATE Birthday

I'm a bad blogmama.

I missed my oldest's birthday.

Quality Weenie had a birthday last week. Happy Happy Birthday Darlin'.

I've been searchin' and searchin' for a gift - and this is the best I could find.

May this year be the best ever - full of love, promise, joy and laughter!!


BTW - I'm rather partial to the one in the middle of the back row - just in case you're feelin' generous and all. ;-)

Posted by Tammi at May 30, 2006 11:36 AM | TrackBack

Awww, your the bestest blogmomma ever!

I just don't know where to start, but I think the one in the front on the left is as good of place as any!

*now where did I put those handcuffs*

Posted by: Quality Weenie at May 30, 2006 03:28 PM

Damn. You didn't make it so we could enlarge it! Its kind of a toss up as to which one could put their fireboots under my bed... ;-)

Posted by: Bou at May 30, 2006 11:09 PM

No more dreamin' while you drive, now you're slackin' while you sleep... ;)

Posted by: RedNeck at May 31, 2006 03:12 PM
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