April 26, 2006

I HATE Unemployement

Pissed off. Yep, that's me about now.

I've jumped through all the appropriate hoops, filled out the numerous forms - on-line and paper, and basically swallowed every ounce of pride I've managed to aquire. All because I had to file for unemployment.

But I need it. I earned it. Well, and I need it.

And there have been issues. Because I worked the first quarter of 05 in Florida, Illinois had to go back to them. Doesn't matter that in the 9 months I worked here I more than qualified. Oh Noooooo. Let's just muddy the water a bit. Delay things.

So finally, finally I am scheduled for my conference call. Seems that anyone who is "terminated" (I SOOOO hate that word) has to go throught this, even if the employer is not fighting the unemployement. Anyway, it's scheduled for 10:00 this morning.

I'm home. Sitting here. Watching the clock tick.

I'm not looking for a job because I am waiting.

So I call. I got voicemail.

All I'm gonna say is SOMEONE better get back to me today. I've waited almost 2 months for a check. This could get ugly. (I should probably mention this is all made worse by the fact that I am sitting here OUT of cigarettes too!)

Posted by Tammi at April 26, 2006 10:20 AM