April 26, 2006

Match Maker

One of the things I needed to get done yesterday was fill out the Skills Inventory schtuff for Illinois Job Match. Simple, you tell them what you can do, at what level and they send you job leads.

It's very time consuming because you have to go into EVERY job category to access the skills list. There really is no logic as to where they assign the different things. So, since I had more than enough time I sat down and worked my way through. I have to admit I was rather pleased with not only the skills that I could claim, but my experience in them. Surely I'll find SOMETHING!

And then it happened. The same thing that always happens. I went ahead an hit "job match".

Now let me give you a bit of information. I used to use on-line dating services. (stick with me folks, there's a point here. I promise!) I met a lot of great guys that way, and some real losers. But-never anything that "clicked". And the majority of the time, after filling out the profile, it would come back with NO matches. That's right. Of the thousands of people in those data bases, I got nothin'.

Well, that's what happened yesterday. I hit "job match" and it comes back with......No Matches Found.

I can type 70 wpm. I know Access, Exel, PowerPoint. I can be charming. Hell, at this point I'd take an Admin. Asst. job. I've done it before - I can do it again. I'll work retail. I'll do just about anything about now.

Nothing? Nothing??

I've always hated being "matched up". Guess it's cause I know, deep down inside - I'm just too unique.

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