April 14, 2006

Weather. Or Not.

Ok, you know it's pretty dull around here when I resort to "weather blogging". But there you have it. Not a whole lot goin' on in Tammi's World right now.

Anyway - we had a bit of a storm last night. You'd have thought by the way the TV played it up we were facing an F5 tornado combined with a Katrina hurricane. But anyway - they are talkin' about high winds, possible funnels and hail.

Hail? Damn, that might not be so good for me.

I knew I'd have to close my windows. They are the crank out kind and I really wasn't in the mood to chase my windows down the street in a storm if the wind caught them just right. So yeah, I rolled those bad boys in. The rain schtuff? Yeah, well that would just mean no TV for me. No big deal. Hell, a slight wind and I lose my signal here. I got a book. I can entertain myself.

But the hail. Hmmmm. You see Maggie May (my car, in case you forgot) sits outside. Yes....I have a garage. But it's tiny. Teeny tiny. Maggie is kinda wide (like her owner) and it's just a tad close for me to even try. Plus - I'll admit it - I still have boxes in the garage. There was no puttin' Maggie to bed last night.

The neighborhood kids were still out playing when the hail started. Now, they had been talking about golf ball size hail or bigger all evening. This? It sounded more like tiny marbles. I heard the kids start yellin' and head for their homes. Then it started coming down. I sat on the couch by the window listening. Huh. I stepped outside and realized everything would be fine. The whole hail thing only lasted about 2 minutes. Good.

The rest of the evening was spent hunkered down in my bed place, with the radio playing and a book. The sound of the wind and the rain lulling me to sleep.

Not such a bad way to spend an evening. Not at all. I just wish I would have gone out and played in the rain.

Posted by Tammi at April 14, 2006 10:15 AM