April 12, 2006

Talked to the Recruiter

I talked with the recruiter this morning.

I told her I thought it went well, and that I'd done a lot of thinking. I can deal with the couple of issues that bothered me. I'd like to move forward.

She said they didn't even wait for me to get out of the parking lot to call her. They REALLY liked me. WooHoo HOWEVER - they were concerned about my concerns.

So I broke one of my rules. I explained to her WHY I had those concerns and that by discussing them with a friend I was able to work through those and come up with an easy way to get past it. She said it all made perfect sense and she was glad I explained.

She was going to call them back and tell them I am interested in moving forward. The next step is talking with some of the guys on the team. I should hear back by tomorrow morning.

No matter what happens there are a couple of good things that came out of this whole experience.

*Both the recruiter and the company told me I had one of the best resumes they had seen. THAT'S important to know.

*I did good in the interview. I needed that after the last one. I thought it went well, but it's good to know what THEY thought.

Overall I'm feelin' pretty good about the whole process so far. And it really was a nice ego stroke yesterday - and we ALL need that every now and again.

Posted by Tammi at April 12, 2006 10:59 AM | TrackBack

Yea for you!

Posted by: Quality Weenie at April 12, 2006 11:08 AM

Oh that is *such* good news! :)

Posted by: Richmond at April 12, 2006 12:52 PM

Yes! So glad they loved you, afterall, who wouldn't?

Posted by: oddybobo at April 12, 2006 04:29 PM

Well at least the "stroking" wasn't happening in that room with the unmade bed...

Posted by: Ogre at April 13, 2006 06:50 AM


Posted by: sarahk at April 13, 2006 06:58 AM

YAY - Too bad it's not THE company so you can come back to Florida (btw - the last week has been lovely beach weather).

Posted by: Carmen at April 13, 2006 08:31 AM

Great news! If it wasn't Easter weekend, I'd buy you a beer or twelve on Saturday.

Posted by: Contagion at April 13, 2006 06:15 PM

Excellent news, Tammi! Congrats!

Posted by: zonker at April 13, 2006 06:17 PM
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