April 11, 2006

Ready? Set? GO!

Well, it's about that time. Gonna need to leave in about an hour or so for the interview.

I didn't sleep well last night. Wasn't nervous about this - just not in a "sleepy mood". So I look just lovely. The bags under my eyes are horrific. But there's nothin' I can do. And I don't do so well at the end of the day. I start winding down most days around 4:00.

Lovely. Just lovely.

So I'll wait and put my make-up on til I get there. I"ll have plenty of time, I'll just duck into the ladies room off of the lobby. I should be able to fake it for an hour or so.

Like I said I'm not really nervous. Honestly, I don't expect them to really like me for this position. My strength is not outside sales. I am an account manager. Totally different animal. And they are looking for a seasoned pro. Oh - I think they'll like me. After all, I'm Tammi. (/sarcasm) But there are 6 other people they are looking at today so I'm just being realistic.

I am interested in learning about this industry. It's not one I've ever considered. And truth be told if it weren't for the benefits they offer I wouldn't be talkin' to these folks today. But they've got my curiosity sparked.

So - I've printed out the resumes, gotten the portfolio all pulled together. I have directions, and I've had them reviewed to make sure I'm looking at everything right. I think I'm ready.

Now, as long as I don't forget to take my make-up with me, this could be a fun evening.......

Posted by Tammi at April 11, 2006 01:48 PM | TrackBack

TAMMI! Wrong attitude... Very wrong attitude! You go in there thinking like that, it's going to come across!

Posted by: Contagion at April 11, 2006 05:56 PM
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