April 08, 2006


So I was just standing at the kitchen sink, doin' the dishes as my thoughts just wandered. And I got to thinkin' about preferences and how they change over time. Now somethings are just a part of my make up. They will never change. But others-yeah, it's almost like a matter of survival at times. Adapting what I enjoy to where I am.

What about you? What are some of your preferences? And yes, this is a very weird twist on the old Saturday Questions. Come on. Talk to me!!!

*Barefoot or shoes? BAREFOOT. Hell - I barely wore shoes all this week!!

*Tea - sweet or unsweetened? Sweet Tea. Always sweet tea.

*Clothes - fitted or loose? This is one that's changed for me. I've always worn very fitted clothing. But since moving back up here, I find I'm actually relaxing in the way I dress. Maybe that's to make up for the fact that my lifestyle isn't as loose. Who knows.....

*Fish - fresh water or salt water? Salt Water. Always. Grouper, Mahi, Rock shrimp, scallops (bay). Oh yeah, give me the salt water every time!

*Gravy or plain? I love me some gravy. :-)

*House - spotless or "lived in"? I used to love a spotless house. Hell, when I'd have people over for dinner parties, I'd take off of work to make sure the house was "just so". Now? I got boxes still packed, I got piles of pictures to hang. I got stuff on the kitchen island. My house looks lived in. And I kinda like it. It just looks/feels more like a home.

*Solitude or people? I don't think it would be much of a surprise to hear I need people.

*Beer or alcohol? I am a boozer. I'll drink beer - but I much prefer a nice stiff drink.

*Fiction or nonfiction? Fiction. I need the escape.

*Weather - Hot or cold? I like the heat. As long as I have a cool place to escape to, bring it on.

What about you? I'm just curious........................

Posted by Tammi at April 8, 2006 10:55 AM

*Barefoot or shoes? BAREFOOT, I hate feeling restricted

*Tea - sweet or unsweetened? If it's hot I like it unsweetened, but if it's cold tea I want it sweet

*Clothes - fitted or loose? I like fitted for style, but I have some clothes that just hang...so I can chill out I guess. Right now at 9m pregers just about everything is fitted...lol

*Fish - fresh water or salt water? Salt Water, oohhh I love Mahi Mahi...hmmm (can I move back to Mississippi?)

*Gravy or plain? If ya saw how I looked y'all would know I eat mine with Gravy.

*House - I like the thought of a spotless home, but could never get there, always had to many people to clean up after. I like a lived in home, but I don't want things to look to cluttered.

*Solitude or people? Quiet time is nice, but I NEED conversation.

*Beer or alcohol? Beer ick...I LOVE the hard stuff.

*Fiction or nonfiction? Fiction, let's the mind play

*Weather - Hot or cold? I like the cold cause then ya get the keep me warm cuddle. The hot is nice because then ya get the sexy dh with sweat on him and yummi that's good.

Posted by: Emily at April 8, 2006 05:46 PM

This will be a great thing for me to work on Sunday morning!!!

Great idea....

although ick I hate going barefoot, especially with 2 little ones in the house. ya never know...

Posted by: armywifetoddlermom at April 8, 2006 09:43 PM

*Barefoot or shoes? BAREFOOT

*Tea - sweet or unsweetened? Sweet- musta been all that time in north Florida

*Clothes - fitted or loose? LOOSE - Everybody doesn't have to know how fat I am.

*Fish - fresh water or salt water? Salt Water

*Gravy or plain? Oh please! "May I have more gravy please?"

*House - Spotless I cannot abide clutter.

*Solitude or people? I can do solitude for weeks on end but, then I have to be around my small group of friends.

*Beer or alcohol? Jamesons, thank you for asking!

*Fiction or nonfiction? FICTION I read a lifetimes worth of nonfiction in my work.

*Weather - Hot or cold? Sunny and 72 with a slight breeze.

Posted by: MCPO Airdale at April 8, 2006 10:17 PM

*Barefoot or shoes? Shoes. I am allergic to bees (Don't wanna step on one. And I don't like icky stuff on my feet.)

*Tea - sweet or unsweetened? Coke. Don't like tea.

*Clothes - fitted or loose? Loose, but right now everything's tight.

*Fish - fresh water or salt water? Steak. No icky creatures that swim in their own feces.

*Gravy or plain? Gravy!

*House - Organized and functional. But what do I care, I'm always in a messy computer room.

*Solitude or people? Solitude. Damn humans.

*Beer or alcohol? Vicodin

*Fiction or nonfiction? Fiction. Real Life is too depressing.

*Weather - Hot or cold? Warm

Posted by: _Jon at April 9, 2006 10:45 AM

Tammi - just be brave, call it a meme, and tag some folks with it :-)

Posted by: Harvey at April 9, 2006 10:47 AM

I had to put a post up on this :)

Posted by: ktreva at April 9, 2006 01:03 PM