January 19, 2005


An Amber Alert has been issued for an 11 year old boy - Adam Kirkirt, from Dunnellion Florida - this morning.
The boy has been missing since yesterday afternoon.

He was last seen being picked up at his school by a man identified as Fredrick Fretz - A KNOWN SEX OFFENDER!!! - yesterday afternoon.

There are twists and turns that make me sick in this story - but that's for another post.....right now - the most important thing is to get the news out about this missing child and get him out of a potential nightmare situation.

For you Florida Bloggers - keep your eyes open. Dunnellon is close to Ocala - which is 75 miles from Orlando and about the same (not exact) from Tampa. 6 hours from the Georgia state line. TO MANY PLACES TO RUN!!

Fretz has shaved his head - so the pictures being shown across the news are out of date.

Adam is 11 years old, 5 ft tall and about 100 pds. He was last seen wearing black pants, a white T shirt, and a black Spiderman sweatshirt.

I cannot locate any pictures at this point, but wanted to spread the word.

UPDATE: It is believed they are traveling in a white 4 door Chevy Lumina.

Here are pictures of ADAM and FRETZ. Remember it is believed that Fretz has recently shaved his head.

If you see them contact Marion County Sherriff department @ 352-732-9111

Posted by Tammi at January 19, 2005 10:30 AM

EEP! Except for the teeth, Fretz bears a passing resemblance to my branch Vice President :-/

Posted by: Harvey at January 20, 2005 08:15 AM