January 16, 2005

A Bit of This and That

I almost missed the entire Steelers/Jets game. I made it back from Daytona just in time to see the last little bit of OT. In other words, I made it back just in time to see the Steelers WIN!! Whew. GO STEELERS!

I did get to see the Falcons beat the snot out of the Rams. Or was it the Ram's beating themselves? Hmmmmm, well I'm 50% so far this weekend.


The weather in Central Florida has sucked for the past couple of days. In fact, with the cold, gray (snowy) weather we had in Vegas, it seems like a month since I've seen the sun!! Today is not looking any better.

That makes for angry tourists, which makes for really, really bad traffic. Damn.....and I just wanted to stay home today. But no...I've got to make up a training class, and drop off supplies to some other stores. The trick will be to make it home so that I can see the Philly game. Please - can I watch at least ONE FOOTBALL GAME this weekend!!!

I did have a very nice surprise last evening. I had the chance to talk with Eric, over at Straight White Guy! We were talking about the upcoming Blogmeet. He is a soft spoken gentleman, as smooth as that scotch he drinks. We REALLY hope you're able to make it Eric! We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Speaking of the Blogmeet - I also see where Johnny_Oh is hoping to make it down for the weekend. WooHoo!!! This is shaping up nicely! Believe me, you'll be hearing plenty about this as we approach the big weekend. If you are interested in attending, drop me an email (see side bar) and let me know. It looks to be a pretty darn good time!!!!!

So, we got football, party planing and work. Yeah, that about sums up my weekend. Shoot! It's almost 8:00am. I better get cracking.

But one last thing. Come On Philly.....don't let me down Boys!! I'm really starting to like the idea of a PA Superbowl! That would be very cool!!!!

Posted by Tammi at January 16, 2005 07:47 AM

You aren't the only one askng Philly to do good... my Husband wants them to win as well. I'm open still for who I really want to win. But I'll back Philly for now. ;-) Must be a good team if you AND my Husband want them to win.

Posted by: vw bug at January 16, 2005 08:20 AM

Tammi - I know you're busy, but do you think you could whip up sort of an attendee list blogroll for your sidebar? Eric called me last night, and asked who was coming, and I was like "Duh... uh... let me see if I can find that post on Tammi's site".

Posted by: Harvey at January 16, 2005 03:41 PM

... awww... thanks, Tammi.. it was a real pleasure talking to you.. I will do my best to be there.. you have my word..

Posted by: Eric at January 16, 2005 05:14 PM