March 31, 2006

A Box of Treasure

I love pictures. Really I do. I wish I were better about taking them, and taking care of them.

This afternoon I was out in the garage diggin' out another book and came across the box with all my photo albums, as well as all the loose pictures. I grabbed the loose photos and headed inside for a little walk down memory lane.

I found one of my favorite shots of Cuz and I. I was all of 3, she 5. We were dressed in our matchin' leopard print footie jammies standing there with her arm protectively around me. Seems she's spent most of her life protecting me - rather an appropriate picture, I think.

Then there were the pictures I refer to as the "Blackmail Shots". My very good friends and I out on Bourbon St. in New Orleans. Holy Shit folks - we were drunk. Even for Bourbon St. I promised to keep those shots locked away - and I will. Who knows.....they may come in handy one day. ;-)

I found shots of my grandbabies - frozen in time from when I left. They are all young ladies now. I hope they're happy and healthy. In my minds eye they are the same as they were when I left. 3 and 1. Smiling and mischievous. The lights of my life.

So I finished thumbing through the odd photos. My 40th birthday party and the picture M *had* to take of the bathroom in the dive we were at. Me, pouring myself out of the back of his Honda Civic - complete with hot pink mini skirt and after 7 hours of intense drinking. Yeah, that shot? Going to the very bottom of the picture box.

But each shot made me smile. Each shot reminded me of how lucky I've been - in the people I know and the places I've been.

I wish my scanner was set up - I'd share some of these with you. Just for shits and giggles. But since I can't I'll just tell you - it was pretty cool.......

Posted by Tammi at March 31, 2006 03:34 PM

nothing better than a box of pictures to go through.........

well maybe having a girlfriend nice enough to listen to all of the stories while you go through them.

Posted by: armywifetoddlermom at April 1, 2006 06:07 PM
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