March 24, 2006

Fetishes? Me?!

Hmmm - seems BloodSpite over at Techography has a little too much time on his hands.....

I see this post about fetishes. So of course I gotta read it. I mean, come on. That stuff can be pretty fun.

Then at the very end - I see I've been tagged. Me? Talk about my fetishes? Oh folks, if you only knew..........

So - in the true blogging spirit I will play along. It's taken a while, cause, I mean, afterall, I really don't have THAT many issues. ;-)

**Since I brought up the whole girly nail painting stuff yesterday I will admit that my toe nails HAVE to be painted. In 10 years I haven't seen my toe nails naked. Well, other than between coats. AND it has to be a bright color - red or variations there of. It's a must. Even up here in the land of boots and socks, I've got to have my toe ring on and my toe nails painted. Period.

**I'm a compulsive hostess. If you walk into my home I've got to serve you something - soda, tea, beer, coffee, cobbler. And I'll keep asking you, throughout the entire visit, "Can I get you anything?". I know it gets on peoples' last nerve but I just can't seem to help myself. It's a sickness.

**I'm very particular about where I put my "pretties". It may not seem like it, but I am. My cousin says one of her very favorite things is to watch me "arrange". I have a general idea of where I want things. I put it all together and then stand back and look at it. Then I sit down and look at it. From every possible angle. Then I adjust. Then I look, again from every possible angle. Then I adjust some more. Rinse and repeat ad nauseum. Oh - and once I have it where I want it - I don't move it. I don't rearrange furniture once I'm happy with it. I don't move candles (well, except the jar candles) because part of my "art work" is the reflections that each holder casts. So surely, you can see why this is such an event for me. ;-)

**I will only have Charmin Big Roll toilet paper in my house. Period. Since I left home at 18 it is the ONLY TP I have ever purchased. And I love the big roll since I don't have to remember to buy it so often. Which reminds me - I gotta get to the store........

**I don't like generic food. Oh, I know much of it is made by the big "labels" and is pretty close to the name brands. And there is some that I'll purchase, in a pinch. But yeah - I'm pretty much a food snob.

**It makes me very nervous to have someone help me with the dishes. I would rather let the mess set and deal with it later than have someone help me. It's a learned behavior and one I haven't conquered yet. But I'd like to. Really - anyone wanna help me clean up this mess from yesterday????

**I hate to get my mail. Seriously. I've let the mail pile up so bad in my mailbox that the back door comes open. And I've always been like this. I just hate the mail. Too damned many bills and too much junk mail. Plus - it's a great way to avoid all those piles of unopened mail sitting around the house. Just don't pick it up. Simple.

Ok - I think that's enough soul bearing at this point. And I'm sure some of you were hoping for a bit more "revealing truths" but like I always say - A Girls Gotta Have SOME Secrets.

Posted by Tammi at March 24, 2006 08:00 AM

Charmin Big Roll TP is what we buy here too! I buy in bulk at Sams or Costco. Oh, and I'm a food snob too. Can't bring my self to buy generic anything. I'll pay the extra 10 cents, give me Keebler or give me death!

Posted by: oddybobo at March 24, 2006 08:28 AM

Yeah, but Oddybobo? I live alone - there is no earthly reason any single woman needs as much toilet paper on hand as I keep. It's just wrong on so many levels. ;-)

Posted by: Tammi at March 24, 2006 08:36 AM
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