March 19, 2006

Oh What A Night!

I had a bit of a flashback this morning. I was remembering a certain evening, out on the town as it were, back in Bradenton.

My best friend Bam had come to visit for a couple of weeks. Our goal was to hit as many beaches as we possibly could in that time frame. We did 13 beaches in 15 days. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Well, one evening we were going out with some of my friends down there - to give her a bit of a taste of my life down there.

Now I should probably let you know that Bam and I were old drinkin' buddies. From way back. But, due to health issues she wasn't drinkin' much at that time. I, on the other hand, was on a roll. As were my friends.

So we started out with a nice meal at Shells. Not my favorite place for seafood - too touristy, but it was still good.

Then I let my friends plan the evening. So we headed to a small little beach bar that had Karaoke. M was, is, very good at it. He usually ends up the evening entertainment. And we love it. Me? I don't do karaoke. I'm not good at imitating, and that's pretty much what they want at those places. Joyce, can't carry a tune in a bucket. Seriously. She is the worst singer ever in life. And that's sad - because she just loves music. T was the final member of our little group. She'd sing, but only if she was really drunk. And NO ONE sounds good then.

So - we're doin' shots and drinkin' up a storm. Bam is my designated driver. It just made sense. Now, like I said, we've been drinkin' together since we were youngsters. This is the first time she stayed sober while I, well, showed my ass. I think she still has nightmares.

I don't remember who suggested it, or how it happened but all I know is somehow Joyce, T and I ended up on stage with microphones. "I will survive" was starting to play over the speakers. I looked at Joyce and said "no way am I singing." She agreed.

So we did backup. Dancing that is. You would be amazed at the creative ways you can dance with microphones. I'll leave it at that.

We were bad. We were really bad. T was singin' her heart out - off key - and Joyce and I were doin' really bad imitations of the Pips.

I remember laughing. A lot.

Bam just had one thing to say the next morning.

Don't do that again.

I haven't.

But damn - what a night that was.........

Posted by Tammi at March 19, 2006 09:48 AM
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