March 10, 2006

It's Been A Week

Well today it's been a week. I have to say, I've gotten a bit done.

And yesterday started out pretty good. As you see below, the phone interview went well. It's funny, because it used to be me on the other end of the phone explaining what this job is all about.'s money and it would buy me time to find what I want. So - we'll keep moving forward.

The thing is if all I had to worry about was the job thing I'd be ok. Really. But I've got other stuff kickin' my ass (most of which is NOT blogable) and to top it all off the damned furnace went out yesterday afternoon.

I'd had problems before and the guy came out and told me what to do to fix them. I've tried them all. Nothing. Oh, the sucker is running, there's just no heat. Thank GOODNESS it's not frigid right now.

So last night, around 8:00 it was all just more than I could handle. So - I went to the bed place. Yes, I'm sorry to admit I literally went to bed and pulled the flippin' covers up over my head. It was all just more than I could take.

BUT - I've now been up since 1:30. I'm doin' a bit of putterin' and I'm NOT gonna just spend the day feeling sorry for myself. I can't. I didn't schedule time for that.

I went and stocked the house in groceries yesterday. I bought stuff I know I'll eat - when I can. You see, one way I react to extreme stress is my body will not allow me to eat. I've forced myself to try and most of the time it doesn't work so well. Last night I did manage to keep down some Mac and Cheese for, oh about an hour. The only thing really stayin' with me is Chocolate Milk so I had some this morning in the hopes that it'll soothe my stomach.

Anyway - enough of the pity party. Today, I need to get heat. That is my number one concern. Number two is get at least 10 more resumes submitted. I'm way ahead of my average so 10 would be good. This weekend I'm not allowed to do any job search - that way I don't lose complete track of time. Schedules are important. Goals are vital.

But if I'm real honest that bed place is soundin' pretty damned good right now.

Posted by Tammi at March 10, 2006 06:45 AM

Crap...was hoping you would be able to keep that down....damn just damn.

The worst part is, I have to stand here and I got nothing....girl, I don't know how to help. It is driving me nuts.

Posted by: armywifetoddlermom at March 10, 2006 07:07 AM
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