January 20, 2006


OK - so there's this meme, see. And I got tagged, see. By my newest blogdaughter, see. She is sooooo grounded!!! But, I'll play along. I'm a good sport.

It's centered around the number FOUR. Four Things. So.....here we go.....another peek behind the curtain of Tammi's World.

Four Jobs Iíve Had:

Waitress (really bad one)

Secretary (really REALLY bad one)

Claims Representative (where I earned my ulcers)

Cashier (that one I liked - I'm good with money....other peoples that is)

Four Movies I could watch over and over and have:

The Program - one of the best football movies ever

Rudy - double whammy...football AND Notre Dame

Working Girl - I can relate tooo well with this one

When Harry Met Sally - I'm a sappy romantic. Can't help it.

Places Iíve Lived:

Mishawaka, Indiana

Bradenton, Florida

Tampa, Florida

Orlando, Florida

Four TV Shows I love to watch:

CSI - Miami

Direct TV Sunday Ticket - duh...football

The Closer - just discovered it...not a bad show so far.

Nick at Nite - helps me fall asleep.

Four Places Iíve been on Vacation:
Vacation??!?!?!!? Hmmmm - that's tough!

Normandy - stunning.

San Diego, CA - one of the best times of my life

Pickens South Carolina - beautiful

Cornivaca, Mexico - my first international travel - fantastic!!!

Four Websites I visit Daily.

My customer's site for vendors (gotta get the orders!)

All others I take the 5th. Hell....I'm lucky to make it to MY site every day!!

Four Favorite Foods:

French Toast

Chicken & yellow rice w/black beans



Four Places Iíd rather be:

Florida - Bradenton to be exact.

Florida - Tampa (2nd choice, but still good)

Down around Pickens South Carolina - mountains, and so pretty it takes your breath away

I know that's only 3 choices, but I'm serious.....I'm pretty happy here. I like it. It's becoming home. There are places I'd like to VISIT right now, but no where else I'd really rather be.

Four people Iím passing this onto:

I have to be honest. I'm so far behind in my blog reading, I can't know for sure who has been tagged and who hasn't (hangs head in shame). So - in order to save what little dignity I have left I'm just not passing it on.

Posted by Tammi at January 20, 2006 06:30 AM

I'm disaapointed in you. You didn't list Mattress demonstrator as an occupation!

Posted by: Contagion at January 20, 2006 07:36 AM

Thanks for humoring me Mom, It was worth the grounding!

Posted by: ktreva at January 20, 2006 07:54 PM