January 06, 2006

Excuse Me. EXCUSE ME!!

Hey! Let me through!

Damn it's gettin' crowded in here. And before you ask, yes - this is Tammi. Really. It's me. I promise.

Holy Cow. This week, sayin' Thank Goodness it's Friday is more heartfelt than EVER. ;-) We're on the final day........

Anyway - Let's talk of happy things. Like puppies - oh wait. I had to give mine away. Ok, sunshine. Oh, wait - I live in Northern Illinois now - no sun for a least 5 more months. Damn - let's talk about parties then. THOSE I understand.

Sunday is Fritz Fest. Bloggers comin' from near and far to partake of really yummy food and slammin' drinks. Oh, and to see/meet each other. Oh shit - I'll be meeting many for the first time. HEY - My Blog isn't usually like this!! Really - I'm just sayin'.

Anyway - T1G (That 1 Goof - usin' my master key against me!) has posted the directions and Harvey was kind enough to put up the final menu.

Me? For those that don't know me....I'll be the tall girl, sittin' in the corner with a bag on her head.

Posted by Tammi at January 6, 2006 06:30 AM