November 28, 2005

I must be insane....

Well I went and looked at the house tonite.

First thought? I don't like the color blue. The carpets are blue, the kitchen - blue. The basement? Blue.

BUT....all of my living room furniture will fit - the bar will even fit in the living room. The kitchen? Ok - blue counters and not so pretty wall paper. BUT....brand new cupboards, new NICE stove. 2nd bedroom - perfect for an office. The bathroom is just fine. Fancy? No. But just fine.

The basement is the size of where I live now. It will make a GREAT family room. I'll paint the flippin' walls as soon as it's possible.

It has a tiny one stall garage - attached to the house. No going outside to start my car. No DE-ICING THE CAR IN THE MORNING. That's huge for me.

The bedrooms are very tiny. But do-able. I know I said that the kitchen had to fit my table.'s got an island. With huge cupboards to hold big kitchen type stuff. I could get some comfy stools and it's perfect for every day. I could put the kitchen table downstairs and....I can make it work.

Oh Oh Oh - and storage. Storage. Storage.

AND - yes there is more - it's closer to work. On a quiet, dead end street. I hear there is a small park near by. Oh. My. Goodness.

In a word - I could do this. Here's the catch.

She wants me to take possession on the 15th. That's December 15th. That's about 18 days from now. I'd need to pay her and buy a fridge by then. Oh, and rent a truck.

But I'm going to try.

Oh, AND - it's got central heat AND air. Central heat. Central air.

Oh yeah - I'm gonna figure out how to pull this off - you better believe that.

WooHoo. I'm very excited. *grin*

Posted by Tammi at November 28, 2005 11:15 PM

You, my darlin', can do anything you set your mind to.

Let's hear it for the Cracker/Blue House!! Yayayaa!!

Posted by: Margi at November 29, 2005 02:13 AM

Keeping fingers crossed for you!

Posted by: Laughing Wolf at November 29, 2005 04:45 AM

Okay, great! Eldest son has a pickup, Dad has a pickup I could borrow, we got the Explorers, AND...if the fridge isn't doable right now, I have an extra in the garage for beer what I don't drink anymore anyway. Sound okay????

Posted by: Raging Mom at November 29, 2005 06:27 AM

Awesome! I'd offer to come and help ya move stuff, but dammit, you're too far away to make that practical. Instead, when you move, imagine me standing around, watching, drinking beer and commenting...then it will be just like I'm really there!

Posted by: Ogre at November 29, 2005 06:29 AM

I love it when a plan comes together!!!

No more shoebox. Good bye Stephen King Neighborhood! Yippee!

Oh! And I'm feeling Christmas decorating coming on!!!

Posted by: Bou at November 29, 2005 06:30 AM

I'm hurt... cut deeply... I offered to help you move. I have a big truck... and you spurn my offer. I'm going away now.

Posted by: Contagion at November 29, 2005 07:32 AM

Good Luck!!

Posted by: oddybobo at November 29, 2005 09:02 AM

Take Contagion's offer or I will come hunt you down!! I'm so very happy for you! Let me know if you need help!

Posted by: Sissy at November 29, 2005 11:06 AM


postage stamp - stuff + truck = happy new blue home!

Posted by: ktreva at November 29, 2005 07:47 PM

I have a spare fridge, but getting it from Detroit would be tough.
But I do have a couple of nice bar stools I should be able to ship there.

Posted by: _Jon at November 29, 2005 08:52 PM