November 06, 2005

For the girls....

I am a girl. Honest. Really. So I have a few girly impressions from the game that are flashing back. You guys probably don't want to read this - so I'll put them in the extended entry.

Seats were in the north endzone. Endzone. The whole game it was just asses upon asses. And I'm not talkin' about the fans (although there were a few of those, too). DAMN ladies - there is nothin' on earth as pretty a sight as a whole line of tight asses. No wonder I don't remember much of the game. ;-) Oh, I saw some great plays unfold - that was cool. But then...they'd line up again and away my filthy little mind would go.

And there is one wide reciever. #83 Jeff Samardzija (kinda cute, even with helmet head) ANYWAY I kept tellin' T1G that guy's too skinny. I need to feed him. Oh, he's a damned good reciever - just too skinny. Nice ass though. ;-)

Now - as a football fan, I would have really enjoyed seeing more of the plays as they occured. But as a sick, twisted, demented woman - yeah - the view ROCKED!!!!!

Posted by Tammi at November 6, 2005 10:34 AM

Sheesh! Remind me not to bend over when I stop by for a visit! :-)

Posted by: Harvey at November 6, 2005 05:11 PM

Oh that is the true beauty of football... all those mighty fine asses that just really need to be... Yup, I'll stop right there. And they have nice forearms too. And the thighs... you can really see their thighs.

*sigh* We need to do a college game together one day. I was just so damn excited for you! If I won the lottery, I'd find some way to get you ND Season tickets. It would be real high up on my list!

Posted by: Bou at November 6, 2005 09:02 PM


Posted by: michele at November 7, 2005 07:41 AM

And they say guys are bad.

Posted by: Contagion at November 7, 2005 07:43 AM