June 11, 2005

What I Miss From Childhood

Sissy tagged me with the Childhood Memories Meme. Heh. She actually thinks I'm past my childhood! What a sweetie......

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Then tag 4 bloggers and pass this along - nahhh. I think just about everyone I know has already been tagged.

So let's start this little stroll down memory lane.....

I Miss:

1) The big family gathers at my grandparents farm. All of my aunts and uncles were still alive (24 including spouses) and there were about 30 cousins. Food as far as the eye could see. The smell of bread baking in the oven, the sounds of the guitar and singing coming from the living room. Sitting on the front porch swing with my closest cousins - giggling and chattering. Helping Grandpa bring in the cows. Running from that damned rooster. Hugs, kisses, smiles and laughter. The world was safe and small.

2) The golden years (in my opinion) of Notre Dame football. I was obsessed. After Daddy was gone, I still never missed a game. And since I didn't have anyone to talk about it with I wrote letters. To the team. Telling them how proud I was of them, but also pointing out what I thought needed improvement and even going so far as to develop a few new plays for them. (the very beginning of "this is what I'm gonna need for you to do....."). We took the championship in '73 and you couldn't have found a happier little girl. I wore nothing but navy and gold, occasionally a little green. All I talked about was ND.

3) My animal print footie pajamas. DAMN I loved those! My cousin and I had matching sets and we thought we were stylin'! I remember one time Mama told me to go clean up and put on something fun...we were goin' shopping. Imagine her surprise when I came downstairs with my hair in what can only be described as a punk do (5 yr olds version of a pony tail) and my footie pajamas. WHAT?!? You said something FUN! Anyway - I really did love those jammies!

4) I miss our New Years Eve. It was my parents anniversary and always a very magical time. We still had all the Christmas stuff up so the house was just beautiful. Mama would spend all day putting together a special meal - humming and smiling. We girls would help however we could. Everything had to be perfect. That night it would be a wonderful dinner, complete with toasts. Just us. Then we girls would go to bed early (and of course sneak back up) so they could have some quiet time. Just the sight of my parents snuggling on the couch in the glow of the candles. That's my picture of love.

5) Field Trials. My God-father raised bird dogs and during the fall they held field trials where you'd take the dogs out and have a little competition (not like I remember who won or lost - it was just fun). The air would be autum crisp and we went rain or shine. Riding the horses through the fields, campfires, yummy outdoor cooking, friends and family. Just a weekend out. No phones, no TVs, not even a radio. And his dog Cindy - damn that dog was sharp! We were the envy of everyone.

I'd add in that I miss tormenting my sister, but hey - I still do that on a regular basis! ;-)

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This lil walk down meme-ory lane with folks has been fun, and your meme-ories are no exception to the "Hey! These are cool" rule. neat stuff.

As to the " I think just about everyone I know has already been tagged," so? What a great way to meet folks! *LOL* Tag 'em and see if they're cool enough to take it well.



Posted by: David at June 14, 2005 02:03 PM